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Boreal Network's Phase With The Moon EP is dedicated to, and inspired by the gray wolf. As a result, we are accepting donations - 100% of which will be gifted to the Wildlife Science Center in order to help them look after these amazing animals.

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RTN010 - Lithium Enchantment - Remnants


Lithium Enchantment has landed to bring us into the New Year with Remnants, a beautifully crafted and re-crafted album which proves more than worthy of marking our 10th release. Coated in textured, grainy synths that swirl around goosebumb inducing melodies, Remnants is a truly striking piece of music. Projection is a shining example of what spine-tinglingly beautiful melodies sound like, with Fallen sounding like it's taking you on a trip through some sort of retro space dimension.

How apt an album title for a record partly re-constructed from the remains of destroyed master tapes caused by a tape deck malfunction. Remnants tells a story of rescued artifacts, with tapes intricately spliced and parts re-recorded resulting in this ultimately mesmerising journey.

Lithium Enchantment dedicates this release to MIDI, and the letter Q.


Free digital release

01. Where Have You Been?

02. Falling Away

03. Projection

04. Froeyn

05. Paloe

06. Intersection I/O

07. Crawler

08. Race Away the Fire

09. Remains

10. Lake Seven

11. Shipwrecked

12. Fallen

13. Wings

14. Arran's Hyperspace Signal

Download All (mp3 format, 192kbit/s)

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