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Boreal Network's Phase With The Moon EP is dedicated to, and inspired by the gray wolf. As a result, we are accepting donations - 100% of which will be gifted to the Wildlife Science Center in order to help them look after these amazing animals.

Find out more about the release and how to donate here.

All donators will receive an exclusive link to the FLAC version of this release.




Feel free to get in touch with any original music, videos or other media arts you think we might like.

Any donations received go towards our servers and webspace which can be quite costly, if anybody would like to help please do, we greatly appreciate it.

Long live collective expression.



RTN016 - Island Near The Clouds - Influence EP

Moscow artist Island Near the Clouds drops his Retronym debut in the form of Influence EP, delivering an excellent showcase of choppy beatcraft, swirling soundscapes and well nuanced voices and other sample work which gradually and seamlessly pulls in and out of the distance.

INtC also pays direct homage to a few of his inspirators. Hills West's Skydreamer is placed into an echo chamber and blended with jilted Xhale beats, whilst Aphex Twin's understated classic Stone in Focus is given some patient treatment with steady percussion and subtle effects.

Influence EP ends on a beautiful note with Trying To Remember, the rotary synths and distant activity provide the capability to put you in a headphase.

Prepare to be influenced with this free download.


RTN015 - River Precinct - Moky Way

River Precinct is Texan artist Josh Wiggins. Delivering his debut release here on Retronym, Moky Way is sonic experimentation of the highest order. This EP clocks in at just 15 minutes, but with so many tangible layers to explore you'd be forgiven for being completely sucked in to a place where time becomes irrelevant.

Moky Way is inspired by Josh's childhood experiences at his grandparents' property, evoking the memories of a withered satellite dish that sat in their backyard field (as featured in the cover art). This EP is distant and brooding, reversed chords suck into a vacuum whilst delicate and subtle tweets creep out from within the depths of the atmosphere.

Now available for free download.


RTN014 - Boreal Network - Phase With The Moon

Boreal Network's latest record is an extra special release, dedicated to and inspired by the gray wolf - a beautiful animal that has witnessed the brink of extinction, hunted by those that fear and misunderstand it. In Nicole's own words:

"This record represents a renewed focus on the inspirations that originally congealed into Boreal Network back in 2006 - mellow, melodic, ponderous, melancholic electronic music that speaks love for the natural world and sympathy for the human place both within and outside of it. The title track was written in early 2006 when Boreal Network was fresh, and in 2009 new music was built up to accompany it both thematically and sonically. This record is a tribute to the gray wolf as an animal and as an object of human wonder, adoration, and persecution. Boreal Network has decided that merely paying artistic lip service to nature is unhelpful, and so 100% of the donations received from fans for downloading this record will be placed in a special account and gifted to Wildlife Science Center, a conservation and education facility in Boreal Network's home state of Minnesota."

Get the release and find out how to donate, here.


RTN013 - Jonathan Jindra - Monera

Jonathan Jindra is certainly no stranger within the musical realms at the moment, what with the recent release of his Midmir collaboration with Frank Dambra here at Retronym, and the acid induced Modular Puzzle released under his well recognised Trills moniker over at I, Absentee.

This time around Jindra takes an exploration through patient, brooding ambience. A post-noise excursion with influences hailing back to the kosmische era, drawing out imagery of dark machinery and primitive electronics. Monera is an album that could well have been crafted in the Radiophonic Workshop, had it been built in an ice tunnel accommodating spirits who wailed into its endlessness.

Flatlanders sparks circling tones as they get caught in a web of glitching static before peaking to a point of euphoria in The Heart is Infinite as deep percussion bubbles over beautiful plinking and reversed, creeping chords. A Vision of Clarity nods towards the Disintegration Loops, whilst Liquid Sunshine evokes its title perfectly. These delicate progressions would get along nicely with pieces by the likes of Emeralds and the more melancholic works of Oneohtrix Point Never.

Monera is a release which feels very personal, rewards reaped when hidden depths are uncovered with more attentive listening, perfect for when the lights are dim and the distractions are at a minimum. A truly thought provoking experience.

Available now for free download.


RTN012 - Orange Tree - Orange Tree

Bolton-based jammers David Williams and Lee Oldfield are the fruitful essence behind Orange Tree, delivering this musical exploration of completely improvised music and epitomising the true beauty of one-off sounds and ideas.

Each part has its own story to tell with all kinds of shades of dark and light journeyed throughout, the general tone set by fluttering lead guitar, shifting percussion, wandering bass and swirling keyboard. Part One introduces us to a sparse calmness, patiently growing into a quiet storm before Part Two explodes into bursting wah-textured guitar, sounding like the result of utilising Omar Rodríguez-López's pedal collection. Bright piano and double bass kick off Part Four before a Godspeed-like build up winds down to the cosmic funk of Part Five. The lengthy Part Seven is delightfully gradual, truly highlighting the wonderful nature of Orange Tree's freeform approach. The final part completes the story in such an uplifting manner as plinky keys float above bending brass and constantly moving percussion.

Pick it now for free download.