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Orange Tree
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Boreal Network's Phase With The Moon EP is dedicated to, and inspired by the gray wolf. As a result, we are accepting donations - 100% of which will be gifted to the Wildlife Science Center in order to help them look after these amazing animals.

Find out more about the release and how to donate here.

All donators will receive an exclusive link to the FLAC version of this release.




Feel free to get in touch with any original music, videos or other media arts you think we might like.

Any donations received go towards our servers and webspace which can be quite costly, if anybody would like to help please do, we greatly appreciate it.

Long live collective expression.



Daylight Rain Video

Joshua Rogers of Broken Machine Films has put together another wonderful video, this time for the Daylight Rain track Lake Discovered. Check it out!

We'd also highly recommend a visit to Josh's Vimeo channel which contains a vast array of beautiful music videos and other visual goodness, find it here


RTN020 - Kinesthetiac - Gander

Indiana-based Jared VanMatre is the youngest artist we have had on our release roster to date and at only 14-years-old, could be considered something of a prodigy with his ability to create such accomplished and gorgeous music with extremely polished production to boot.

Following on from the Eternal album recently released on his SoundCloud page with heaps of praise from its listeners, Gander is the latest chapter in this rapidly evolving musical adventure. The intro track Airwaves flows at a perfectly steady momentum, glowing keys and bright guitar calmly shift into a key change saturated in euphoria - an epic crescendo that really sets the high standard Gander sticks to throughout. The elegantly stripped-back piano work of Untitled sits seamlessly between the beat-infused Carbon-Based Lifeform and looping, delicately askew Red OakMackeral Sky closes Gander as it commenced with a mood enhancing finale that leaves a thirst to listen all over again.

Beautiful, uplifting stuff from this young and extremely promising producer and as ever, free to download.


RTN019 - Boreal Network - Means Business

Means Business is a record that begins by looking directly into the heart of the corporate art aesthetic, using the fictitious Boreal Network organization itself as a lens through which to peer into a world of glistening office parks and freshly printed documents.

The first half of the record gleams with polish and bravado, promising high rates of return and prosperity. As the album progresses however, sounds and themes suggest a gritty, polluted reality lurking beyond the shining facade of industry. The latter portion of Means Business is pocked with distorted, dirty sounds and leering, noxious synths, as the proud image of Boreal Network steadily becomes completely choked out by smog and desolation. Artwork provided by the ever-brilliant Joe Bastardo at Future Forest Design.

 Get this awesome new release from Boreal Network as a free download!


RTN018 - Daylight Rain - Lazurite EP

Lazurite is the debut EP under project Naal's Daylight Rain pseudonym. From the very start we are introduced to dipping chords, pitching melodies and beautiful twinkles which are thematic throughout and appear to glide and phase patiently via perfectly dusted magnetic tape.

Daylight Rain somehow manages to squeeze in countless amounts of sound yet nothing overpowers, every little speck of vibration pays compliment to its audible neighbour with perfection. Emerald Jet highlights this with aplomb, every component finds its way into some kind of imaginary space with ease. Motion Fix could well have been the product of one of Lone's more summer haze-infused moments. The gorgeous Lake Discovered allows dreamlike echoes of funk and disco to sneak out from under the surface whilst Carpet Void's beats skitter to a backdrop of extremely soothing and breathy vocals. Rododendron completes the EP with a flourish, steadily brooding along before a spray of arpeggiated bleeps introduce themselves, circulating semi-chaotically and aptly summing up Daylight Rain's ability to seamlessly switch between and fuse the subtle with the energetic. A truly great listen.

Grab it here. (Completely free, as always!)


RTN017 - Trills - Blue Metabolic Sunrise

Jonathan Jindra returns to Retronym yet again, this time under his well-established Trills pseudonym. Blue Metabolic Sunrise displays shimmering beauty from start to finish. The first few tracks are trademark Trills, patient melodies crafted around deep kicks and echoing snares with a wall of beauteous twinkles and dischords with percussion that flickers between downtempo and chunky 808's.

Everything gradually melts into spiraling arpeggios and analogue machinery is forced to squeeze out it's most stunning of sounds - conjuring up the kind of imagery that would fit perfectly as an alternative soundtrack to something like Tarkovsky's Stalker. The closing track Flect is the ultimate swan song, a ten-minute long epic which condenses the massive array of shades and styles that Jindra has in his audio locker.

Blue Metabolic Sunrise is also available as an amazingly put-together digipak direct from Jonathan himself. Get the free digital release and find out more about the digipak here.